“We inherited my mother’s home…
Now what do we do?”

Sure, you can sell your home to one of those “We Steal Your House Today” people, but…

“Why do that when you can make a whole lot more money
in just a couple of months?”


(my average MLS “days on market” is 48 days)

Protecting inheritor’s interests – this is something that Kim Flynn has been doing for more than 20 years.

Case in point:  For over a decade, Kim had a neighbor – “Miss Peggy” who she regularly checked on.  And several years ago, Miss Peggy fell ill and passed.

Miss Peggy’s family asked Kim to represent the sale of the property.  Within a week, the family trustee received 15 letters from the group of “Circling Vultures” – people wanting to purchase the property at a substantial discount.

Some of the “Circling Vultures” sent offers via mail, sight unseen.

Kim recommended that they hold an open house for the 15 “Circling Vultures”.  5 showed up and made offers.  With Kim’s guidance, the family chose not to accept them.

One of the “Vultures” offer was $50,000 lower than what the home sold for.

In the following 3 days, Kim brought the family an offer that was $33,000 HIGHER than the “Vultures” highest offer, and the home was sold!

“Circling Vultures”

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In all the years I’ve specialized in representing sellers with their inheritance properties, I’ve observed more than a few things, both good and bad.  It’s kind of like watching a train wreck or a car crash in slow motion…

I’ve seen some people make some REALLY BIG mistakes – some NOT SO common sense mistakes, and some, well… just plain senseless.  Probably the biggest mistake is not knowing the value of their property, and selling it for tens of thousands of dollars less than it’s worth…

Before you decide what to do with your inherited property, whether it’s to keep it, rent it out, or to sell it, PLEASE – at least take the time to read this free book!

More than likely, it will save you tons of time, prevent some headaches and frustrations, and perhaps save you a lot of $$ as well.

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After seeing hundreds of inheritors, I’ve yet to ever meet one who had all their finances, insurances, legal documents, wishes about medical care, etc. all gathered in one place.

Yet having all of our documents organized in one place can be the greatest legacy and gift we can leave our families.

And that’s why I decided to create this valuable resource – with checklists and forms to help spare your loved ones hours and days of needless frustrations.

Having this tool will give you tremendous peace of mind knowing that you’ve provided one of the greatest gifts ever to your loved ones, and I created it so that it can be finished in just one hour a day in only a week!

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